We are often asked about the difference between online voting and live voting

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The online election is comparable to a classic ballot box election, but implemented online or digitally. The ballot papers configured by you are available to eligible voters for the entire configured election period after they have been completed or sealed. Changes are not possible in the further course. The invited eligible voters can cast their votes individually at any time with their access data using any internet-enabled device. The election management can view the voter turnout via the online election manager. 

Live Voting was designed specifically for events (whether they are held on-site or digitally) and offers more flexibility than online voting due to the necessary virtual guidance through the voting process. During the voting period, the invited voters can log in and gradually see the ballots that you or the election management have released. The election management has an active role here by guiding them through the ballot papers or the voting project via the Live Voting Cockpit.

Previously created ballot papers can be edited via the Live Voting Cockpit before the start, the order can be changed, new ballot papers can be created and you can optionally display intermediate information as well as intermediate results.

Please note that with both products, after completion/sealing, it is no longer possible to make changes to the overarching settings (such as the election or voting period) and the electoral roll.