We frequently receive the following questions regarding the timing of electoral projects

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"How much lead time is needed or how long does it take to set up?"

The necessary lead time depends on the scope and complexity of your project (number/scope of ballots, number of voters/entitled voters, additional features if applicable, etc.). We recommend at least 14 days lead time for simple election projects and 30 days for more complex projects.

The last step, the completion/sealing of a project, takes 5 to 15 minutes on the system side. Please also allow for this time when implementing your election project.

"Can I test a created online election or live voting in advance free of charge?"

Yes, both the online election and the live voting can be tested in advance with up to 5 people.

Please note: Not all additional features can be tested with a test election. You can find out more about test elections and test voting here.

"When do costs arise? Already when setting up an account or a project?"

Costs only arise when a project is completed and sealed. Registration, initial configuration attempts and test runs are free of charge.

The subsequent price of your election project is based on the number of voters you have per election. Here you can easily calculate the price for your election project depending on the type of project (online election, live voting, nomination) using our price calculator.

"Until when can I make changes to my project?"

You can make changes to your project until it is completed/sealed.

An exception to this is the live voting. Here, additional ballots and information can still be added during the ongoing event and previously created ballots can still be edited.

Higher-level settings such as the voting period and the electoral roll cannot be changed for any of the products after completion.

"Finish project" (What does this mean, what can you still change afterwards...?)

If you have set up your project completely and correctly and have carried out a test election, click on "Finish" in the last step. 

A control window will open with a summary of your project configuration and the option to conveniently pay via PayPal. The election is then sealed and starts at the desired time. By default, the election invitations are sent to the eligible voters at the start of the election or at another time chosen by you. 

After completion/payment, no changes can be made in online voting, limited in live voting (see above).

"What can I do if I only know at the beginning of my event who all is taking part and is therefore entitled to vote?"

In this case, you can only complete the electoral roll after the start of your event and then finish your project. However, it is important to bear in mind that the completion/sealing of a project takes 5 to 15 minutes on the system side. Please also allow for this time when implementing your electoral project. We recommend a minimum project duration of 2 hours.