How do I ask a question in the community?

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As a registered member in the community, you can ask our community team questions about POLYAS products, the organisation of online elections or votes, or find out about technical details and the topics of data protection and legal security. To ask a question, you can start a new discussion on our homepage or in the community area. To do so, click on the orange button in the right-hand sidebar.

Then select a category to which your question fits. Then you can give your discussion a title. Here you can either enter the specific topic of your question or the question itself. In the test field below you have the option of specifying your question and attaching pictures, links or files. Smileys are also available here

Then click on "Post discussion" to post your question online. If you do not want to post the question or save it for later, click on "Cancel" or "Save draft". You can find saved drafts in your account. To do so, click on your profile picture in the menu bar and select "Discussions > Drafts". Here you can edit the draft further and publish or delete it.

Questions & Answers

Use our new feature and ask a question to the community.

Questions, unlike discussions, allow you the option to rate the answer given. So you can accept an answer if it answers your question or not accept it. In this case, the question will again be classified as "unanswered" and answered by a POLYAS employee or another community member.

When asking a question, proceed in the same way as when creating a discussion: Navigate to "Ask a question" via the orange button on the start page ("New post") and assign your question to the appropriate category and describe your problem.

Use the "Topic" field for your question and describe it more specifically in the field below if necessary. After you have asked the question and received an answer, you can accept it. To do so, rate whether this answer answers your question.

You can also convert discussions you have created into questions later. Do this by clicking on the three dots to the right of the discussion and then selecting "Questions and Answers". Then you can turn your discussion into a question.

It is not necessary to convert already created discussions into questions.