How can I earn badges in the community and advance in experience levels?

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The POLYAS community, like many other communities on the Internet, awards badges for certain interactions and achievements of its members. Depending on your experience level, you can also advance in the experience levels (ranks).

You start as an online voting novice and can advance through five experience levels by earning points, all the way up to online voting expert. Once you have reached this level, you could probably start out as a member of the POLYAS Support Team, since you have already helped many other users with your cumulative knowledge in the community and have made important contributions to the expansion of our POLYAS treasure trove of knowledge in the community.

The following experience levels (ranks) exist in the POLYAS Community: 

  • Online voting starter: This is your starting rank.
  • Online voting apprentice: You have earned 50 points by starting, liking or replying to posts in the community.
  • Online voting enthusiast: You've been part of the community for a while and have been able to earn 100 points with your answers and new questions.
  • Online voting professionals: You have already conducted many elections with POLYAS and know your way around, so you have already earned 500 points in the community.
  • Online voting expert: You are actively helping other online election novices to start their online election projects and have already earned 1000 points for your active support.

To earn points, you must actively participate in discussions, questions and answers within the community as mentioned above. Like posts that you find particularly informative and feel free to answer questions from other participants. The points you earn here will allow you to advance in experience levels. In addition, you can win badges in this way.

We award different badges in the POLYAS community for likes, comments, answers as well as anniversaries of your community membership.

You can find your experience level by clicking on your profile picture:

  In level 1, i.e. as an "online voting starter", you will see one ballot box here, in level 2, as an "online voting apprentice", two ballot boxes and so on. Your badges, you can also view in your profile:

Click on the badge to see what you were awarded it for.

We appreciate your active participation in the POLYAS community. Only when you ask questions can we improve our information offering and help you run a great online election project.

Your POLYAS Community team