We are often asked how to invite to an online election or live voting

The standard configuration provides that the persons entitled to vote are invited by e-mail. It is therefore sufficient to simply store the e-mail addresses of the persons entitled to vote in the electoral roll, so that the participating persons log in with their e-mail address and the individual password generated by the system.

You are free to choose the time as well as the contents of the invitation e-mail, but by default they will be sent at the beginning of the voting period.

Here you can find details about the invitation by e-mail. 

As voter ID, i.e. as a criterion relevant for the registration of eligible voters, you can also define your own unique attribute instead of the default email address. A membership number or other unique identifier is suitable here.

The e-mail dispatch by the system can be deactivated if required. By enabling the export of the electoral roll including the access data in the profile of the election administration on the support side, an independent distribution of the access data by you (own mailing, postal etc.) is possible. 

You will then receive an Excel file with all eligible voters you have created and their accesses (the passwords are generated by the system as part of the export), which you can then use to independently distribute this data and the link to the digital polling station (to be found in the project overview). Please note that the electoral roll must be finally configured for the export and that the export including the individual access data automatically seals the electoral roll.

To enable the export function, we only need the unique election hash from the project overview. An activation is normally possible at short notice by contacting the support via e-mail to [email protected]. Please note our business hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

We would like to provide you with instructions on how to set up a project with independent shipping: 

To do this, you need to add another voter attribute in the voter directory settings (accessed via the cogwheel), which you define as "Voter ID" - i.e. as a criterion relevant for registration - via the column of the same name. It is a good idea to use the "ID" attribute from the selection for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also add your own attribute. This attribute should also be defined as "unique" so that the system checks that each ID exists only once. You can use any unique identifier as the voter ID, such as a personnel or membership number. Or you can use a random sequence number with any number of digits. You can also prepare this information using our import into Excel. Please feel free to use our template for this.

You can then delete the e-mail attribute if necessary and deactivate the sending of invitations by e-mail across the board in the invitation configuration.