We are often asked if you can also test our products

LauraHenning_POLYAS 👩‍💼👨‍💼

For both Online Voting and Live Voting, free test elections or test votes can be conducted as often as desired before a project is completed with up to 5 participants:inside.

With the free test function you have the possibility to test the functions of the online election manager, to have a look at the voter frontend from the point of view of the eligible voters and to check if the settings you have made are displayed correctly.

You determine the test voter list by selecting up to 5 email addresses to participate in the test election or test voting.

We recommend that you make use of this free service.

Note: The test voter directory is not intertwined with your actual voter directory and the attribute settings you have made there. Any features you may have added, such as vote weighting or vote transfer, cannot be tested via the free trial option.

You can find more on the topic of test elections or test voting here.